Rosie enjoys meeting and chatting to new people, usually making them smile or laugh. She has a passion for singing and performing, enjoys yoga and being outdoors. Rosie has extensive experience of stage performances locally with a range of song styles both solo and within a choir.
Rosie also has acting and performing experience of both live and recorded television (BBC News, CBeebies) and radio programme interviews (LBC and Heart FM).
Rosie has a rare chromosome disorder, is Autistic, has a slight Diplegia and a learning disability. She is fed via a feeding tube (called a gastrostomy) which connects to her tummy when she is fed (so the tube is not there all the time), she uses a wheelchair for long journeys but is fully mobile.

Age: 14

Height: 140cm 

Clothes size: 11-12/13-14

Shoe Size: 2/3

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Red/Titian

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