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Zebedee work with Tesco Mobile! The Steele Family feature In NEW CAMPAIGN

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Zebedee Model Evelyn, Her mum Melanie, dad Richard, and siblings Emilia, Bradley and Shiloh have featured in an exciting new TV commercial for Tesco Mobile.

Teen Model. Disabled Model
Evelyn S

Evelyn and her sister Emilia both have Autism. They did a fabulous job and proved to advertisers that disability should not prevent people from taking part.

Melanie was kind enough to give us an interview to talk us though the whole experience:

How did you get the opportunity to be featured in this campaign?

We applied for the job through Zebedee Facebook. We were very thrilled to be offered a casting in London.

What did the casting involve?

We were actually an hour early and when we got there we were the only people there. We were meet by a lovely lady and the casting director saw us straight away. He was very welcoming, he asked us all to make ourselves at home on the sofa and our younger two daughter's launched themselves on the sofa: he laughed and said he loved the girl's.

We were given a number of different mobile phones to hold and moved positions a few times with them filming.

What happened next?

At first, as we didn’t hear back, we thought we weren't successful, however we were very pleased when we got a call back from Laura to say that we had been chosen and would we be able to go for a wardrobe fitting the following week. Within a few hours we had a call to sort out the children's performance licence. We went up to London the following week for a wardrobe fitting. Again we meet with the director who made a fuss of the children which put us all at ease.

What happened on the day of filming?

Very excited children....very nervous parents.

We were very worried about two of our girls who are autistic but they were fantastic! We were met with a warm welcome of "Help yourself to food and drink ", and then we were taken into make-up and wardrobe. It made us feel relaxed as we had already meet the ladies before.

It didn't seem that long to wait before we were "called", we all piled into a mini bus and off we went for a short drive to the set location.

We went into a house to the sitting room, we were told where to sit and handed mobile's.

Enter....." the funny man "....yes his real job title!! His job was to liven up our children to make them laugh, so he proceeded to get our names wrong and general be very silly. Never mind the children, we were in fits of laughter.

We were very thrilled that we actually managed to do it in 4 takes. After they finished filming we took a sigh of relief thinking we'll be on our way now, the casting director popped his head around the door and said we're just changing crew now.. it's time for the photographic team!!! We looked completely blank and had no idea they were going to be photos as well.

Final thoughts?

Model Family. Families with disabled children
In store advertising

We had an amazing time at the shoot. We can't thank the crew enough, they were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were all understanding and kind. They just said keep the clothes you're wearing. So we had an added bonus of all the wardrobe we've been kitted out in.

We had a lovely day and created many many memories that we will look back on in years to come.

My husband spotted Emillia in Tesco's on May 1st, it made us so so proud as parents we saw the TV advert on May 2nd.

We couldn't have been more proud of our children, it was very emotional as they handled themselves so well and did exactly what was expected of them.

We are so grateful to be given the opportunity, and we wait eagerly for our next adventure.

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