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Zebedee Models feature in Women-Friendly Fashion video

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Zebedee Models Nancy; a classic model and amputee, Lisa; a blind model and Megan; a model with Cerebral Palsy have all featured in an inspiring new video to promote

Women-Friendly Fashion. The video features a diverse cast of women of different ethnicities, ages and with different disabilities.

The shoot took place in London and the feedback from the models and the client was fantastic!


WFF share commitment for inclusivity, and our belief that disability should be more fairly represented in fashion, advertising, TV and film.

Read here to see what WFF is all about:

We believe that women’s individuality should be celebrated, but right now London’s fashion industry is letting us down. In honour of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we have launched this initiative to highlight the mutually damaging power imbalance between women and the infrastructure of the fashion industry. At present, marginalisation of women outside of the ‘accepted’ appearance and binary norms is the way many brands still operate

Fashion’s representation of women must fundamentally and permanently change. We are calling for a more women-friendly fashion (WFF) industry, where diversity and individuality are instead recognised and celebrated as the driving factors for social and economic growth. We are calling for a more women-friendly fashion industry where the catwalks of London Fashion Week reflect the diverse and inclusive London that Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to create.


Watch the video here:

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