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Zebedee Child Models feature in NEW River Island Campaign!

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Zebedee models Joseph (3rd left), and Mia (5th left) feature in the new River Island campaign
Joseph (3rd left), and Mia (5th left) feature in the new River Island campaign

Zebedee Management child model’s Mia W and Joseph H feature in the new River Island clothing campaign.

Mia, 3, who has Cerebral palsy, and Joseph, 12 who has Down Syndrome are not new to the limelight as they have also featured in previous campaigns.

They feature alongside a number of other diverse models of different ethnicities ages and with different needs or disabilities.

Joseph and Mia loved having fun and meeting the other models on set, and they are true professionals with their fantastic energy and beaming smiles.

River Island’s ‘RI Kids Squad: Be Incredible’ campaign is intended to stand out from other kid’s clothing adverts by championing diversity and features the slogan ‘labels are for clothes’.

Josie Cartridge customer director of River Island explained she hopes the campaign will help lead to more inclusive representation of children in advertising: “We aim to lead by example and hope promoting diversity and inclusivity will encourage discussions around disability to help achieve wider acceptance for all children,” she said.

Zebedee have enjoyed working with River Island on many of their campaigns, and love that a high street brand is really embracing diversity, including disability. We are really hopeful that other brands will start to use child and adult models who are disabled as the norm.

Zebedee are a specialist modeling agency which solely represents people with disabilities with the intent of increasing the representation of people with disabilities within fashion, advertising, Film and TV. They work with their talent to develop their skills, confidence and self esteem, to support them in being successful in the industry securing paid and unpaid opportunities.

Zebedee is managed by Zoe Proctor, a qualified teacher, specialising in teaching performing arts to young adults with learning disabilities, and Laura Johnson, a registered social worker with 10 year experience of working with vulnerable adults. Zoe has direct experience in the industry as she has worked as a model herself for many years, and both Zoe and Laura have children who model. They recognised that disabled people were not fairly and adequately represented in the media, and there is little opportunity for them to have agency representation or secure work, and as such Zebedee was created!

Zebedee has over 300 members/talent, and works directly with them and their families/carers. Zebedee members have a variety of needs ranging from physical disabilities such as wheelchair users following accidents, people with Cerebral Palsy, Amputees and people who are deaf or blind, and Learning Disabilities or additional needs, such as people with Down Syndrome, Autism or Tourettes. The age of people Zebedee work with ranges between 0 – 55. Zebedee work with people from all areas in the UK, from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

Since its launch, it has secured work over 150 paid work opportunities, working with brands such as the BBC and Cbeebies, Channel 4, River Island, Asda, Matalan, Mountain Warehouse, Getty, Sainsbury’s, Early Learning Centre, Superdrug, HSBC, Lloyds, Landrover, Haven and many more. In addition, Zebedee have developed numerous unpaid opportunities for its members including taking part in editorial magazine shoots, appearing on national and local news and other TV programmes, attending skills development sessions, taking part in large awareness campaigns, catwalks and events, run by both Zebedee and other charitable or outside organisations.

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