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World Down Syndrome Day

Zebedee Management collaborate with the #RadicalBeautyProject on their first ever group shoot for #WDSD.

All the models featured have #DownSyndrome, and look every inch the #Supermodels they are.

When it comes to Down syndrome, most people are so prejudiced (for many a reason, and we aim at challenging these reasons in the process) that they can’t see the forest for the trees and keep these very capable individuals back, in the shadows preferably.

Actually, they are pretty sure there’s no forest, they strongly believe there’s just one tree called Down syndrome, end of.

We are desperate to change that and reveal to everyone the huge forest beyond the trees, the endless abilities people with Down syndrome have, when given the chance!

WDSD Ellie is a model and dancer who has Down Syndrome

"These projects are so important to be part of because we still need to raise as much awareness as possible. Show the world our children are the same as everyone else. They ARE able to and do achieve their goals in life. There are still too many ignorant people!!! Ellie wants and needs to fulfil her hopes, dreams and aspirations in her life!!!! And that means being accepted and SEEN!! " Yvonne Goldstien- Ellie's mum.

That is why we are beyond thrilled and excited to announce our unique collaboration with the pioneering and daring Radical Beauty Project. Its creator, choreographer Daniel Vais, believes like we do, in the incredible beauty, uniqueness and abilities of people with Down syndrome, and he worries about their doom. He is working on a high-end, avant-garde and fashion photography book featuring only models with Down syndrome from all over the world,, shot by the best photographers in the industry.

Fashion photography using models who have Down Syndrome- Trisomy 21- Downs syndrome
Cool Cats

At Zebedee Management, we share the same vision and strive for designers and luxury brands to include diverse models, from the designing process all the way to representation in the media and on the runway. We have some major brands booking our models repeatedly and are now seen as one if not the leading agency in representing talent with disabilities, differences and additional needs.

child model who has Down syndrome, photo shoot for World Down syndrome Day.

"What I would say is important to me about Frankie being involved in the project is that hopefully it is breaking down barriers and obviously raising the profile of people with #DS, People with DS have been kept in the shadows for too long! They need to shine their amazinness on the world!! It is showing that people with DS have WORTH and to not put limitations on Frankie. I believe he has huge potential. He is living his BEST Life and loving it " Vicky Porter- Frankie's mum

You may recognise Frankie as the blue bauble in the #Sainsburys Christmas TV commercial!

The pictures of our collaboration with Radical Beauty Project will be released to raise awareness and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st (March 21st because people with DS have 3 copies of chromosome 21 instead of 2), and..... we cant wait!

child model,  down syndrome model, kids fashion. wdsd.

"It’s so important for my daughter Sara to take part in these amazing campaigns such as The Radical Beauty Project because unfortunately it’s a constant battle for people with DS to be seen by society as so called normal people who do normal things. It helps highlight and raise awareness that DS is not something to be feared of nor should it need testing for as though it’s a harmful disease. It’s something to be cherished, grateful for, proud of.. it’s something to celebrate like every other living thing. It’s magical. It a precious life. " Jen Zeb- Sara's mum.

Sara has had lots of brilliant bookings for brands that include #RiverIsland #Matalan #MountainWarehouse and many more

kids fashion photoshoot, child model who has Down syndrome

Gabriel is a #teamzebedee superstar! He has worked for many big brands including River Island and Matalan.

"It was an absolute pleasure for Gabe to take part in the Radical Beauty project, Daniel and the team were absolute diamonds, and it was fantastic to meet up with so many families – we are truly becoming friends through and all down to #teamzebedee

Fashion represents society, what is acceptable, what is desirable and what is aesthetically pleasing – it can be challenging, daring and provocative – making us reinterpret old values and stereotypes. Being part of Radical Beauty has been an amazing opportunity for Gabriel to be part of something extraordinary, a fashion photography campaign that shows the beauty and talent of the models, it dares to challenge the norm and smashes out of date stereotypes about the capabilities of people with Down Syndrome." Rebecca Sohotha- Gabriel's mum.


“Being Model is amazing. I feel proud & confident. I like looking good, smelling good, I like photos & catwalk. It’s important for my life, my future. It makes me happy, I love my life” Nino Genua

Nino is a trained rugby coach and works for #BristolBears

Benefit cosmetics use model with Down syndrome

Kate who recently shot for Benefit cosmetics and walked in #LondonFashionWeek.

Child model with Down syndrome, influencer instagram

Chloe who has worked for some big name brands including #EllasKitchen #RiverIsland and #MarksAndSpencers and has a strong social media following due to her being a complete fashionista!

Party Time!

River Island uses model with Down Syndrome. male model with ds

“ Hi , I’m Harry - Any excuse to strike a pose or dance , dance , dance .    I’m a bit of a prankster too -  I just love to make people laugh . That’s what I want you to see . This is me - Harry .”

Harry has been repeated booked by River Island and has also been on the front cover of Pos'ability magazine.

Disney princess with Down Syndrome

"Being involved in a campaign such as the radical beauty project is important as it shows others that people with Down syndrome can be diverse too. It’s also such a vibrant, colourful campaign and that’s how we want others to see our kids, just as we see them." Cheryl- Grace's mum.

Grace has had many paid opportunities including Disney, Very and Marks and Spencer's.


Isabella recently worked on a 2 day shoot for a large charity campaign. She also attends a full time performing arts college.


Adam is a super styler- He describes his cool looks at "Bad Boys style"

Kids fashion photo shoot for World Down Syndrome

"This project shows the beautiful diversity of people with Downs Syndrome. We are thrilled that Cora has been involved. We want the world to see her for who she is, and projects like this help us do that." Sheryl- Cora's mum.

Cora has been a very busy little girl and had lots of great paid opportunities- she is also the face of the new range of children's glasses at #Specsavers


"Why is it important for my child to take part in such projects? Simply because it equates to her AND her condition being validated, appreciated, honoured and loved by society as a whole, just as much as anybody else” Denise- Kathleen's mum.

“for me, it means people really love us and they don’t mind Down syndrome”. Kathleen

Kathleen has been booked regularly for #RiverIsland and has recently shot a campaign for #Marvel films called #iamamarvel


Jack has had several paid jobs as a model and has also worked with #Rankin for #HungerMagazine Jack's goal is to earn money so he can live independently and look after himself. Jack enjoys media and performing arts and now has a strong interest in photography after being inspired by Rankin.

Child model

"For myself,  on a personal level, I feel it reassures me that Holly can do this and is good enough for this.  My own low self confidence and self esteem sometimes makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing for Holly by trying to see if the modelling (etc) world is the right thing to do for her, whether they want her, whether she's good enough.  Holly hasn't been selected on many occasions  both now and in the past,  and it worries me that I put her through something for no reason.  

On the much wider, grander scale, it shows the entire world that Holly and all the other children and adults with whatever disability/differences (or whatever you want to call it) are good enough, and that everyone is worth it.  Sadly,  that's still not the mainstream perception,  but if Holly can contribute to changing opinions of, or inspiring just one person by doing this, then she's made a difference to someone.  

I also hope that its giving Holly confidence, and self belief, so that she can take those things with her into the future. My love and pride for Holly is immeasurable, whatever she does, as she has overcome so much (medically) already in her short life. "


"Ben is a very confident boy who lives his life to the full, he has a great social life and enjoys drama, trampolining, swimming and Kung Fu. Ben loves to read and is never without a book in his hand! Ben is a Zebedee model and is very grateful to have had lots of exciting opportunities through them, he will be appearing on TV this month in ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ just in time for World Down Syndrome Day."

Ben is an amazing young actor and gained one of the highest grades in his recent drama exams. Ben has been booked several time for various acting and modelling roles.

Male model who has Down Syndrome Mens fashion photoshoot

"Callum says he enjoys doing projects like this because he meets his friends ,he likes being a model and is proud of what he can do. I say that projects like this show having Down syndrome is no barrier to achieving your dreams. It can educate and change perceptions that some people may have about Down syndrome. It shows  a beauty that is real. "

I think you can say we had a pretty amazing day!







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