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Unique is Beautiful: Collaboration with Abhishek Golecha

COVID-19 has resulted in creatives searching for new methods to outlet their artistry. One amazing fashion photographer, Abhishek Golecha, reached out to Zebedee after a run of successful ‘Facetime photoshoots’ which led him to strive for more unique work. 

Abhishek is based in India, and his work over the course of the pandemic has been published in The Times of India and CNN. Previously he has worked with many Bollywood and television celebrities as well with prestigious magazines like Vogue and GQ. He says since COVID-19, “I was successful in completing more than 30 photoshoots with international Models & Agencies across the world”. Abhishek’s work on ‘Facetime photoshoots’ started to progress over this time, requiring a more unique flare. He says, “I came up with this far-fetched idea when I started looking for some Unique models online. To my surprise I found Zebedee and I instantly emailed them my idea”

By the very next day, Abhishek had begun shooting with our models. 

However, as time progressed in the project Abhishek began to feel a 101 degree fever, body pain and severe headaches. He tested positive for COVID-19, describing his pain as lasting for, “endless days”. He said that during this time, “What kept me determined towards this project was the inspiring story of each model because their journey motivated me to be unstoppable and happily face all challenges at my work, converting my weakness into strength”. After almost four weeks of work, he completed the project with Zebedee’s models. 

Abhishek’s work with Angela Selvarajah, Sydney Mesher, Mollie Pearce, Ashley Young and Renee is inspiring. The strength in his artistry paired with the emotion of the models is beautiful. There’s a feeling in the images that they are a mark in history for everyone involved; COVID-19 has changed the fashion photography and modelling world. 

As a photographer based in India, Abhishek had no choice but to work with international models at Zebedee, as he found a complete lack of unique models in India. Upon learning of this, and seeing the great talent of Zebedee’s models, Abhishek said, “My future goals include, finding such beautiful unique models in India and providing them the platform in which they deserve to showcase their talent”. Zebedee in India could be on the horizons.

Check out Abhishek's campaign video, centred around the issues he encountered in locating unique models:

Check out the images featuring Angela Selvarajah, Sydney Mesher, Mollie Pearce, Ashley Young and Renee here:

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