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more clothing lines for dogs?!

Did you know that there are 13.9 million disabled people living in the UK and approximately 8.6m dogs in the UK; how can it be right that there are more clothes that are made for dogs than people with #disabilities ; this really is something that needs to change and something that I’m personally happy to get behind and support!

I was fascinated to read the article in the #Guardian written by Fraces Ryan on 18th June regarding ‘#adaptive’ clothing; as a Mother of a 12 year old girl with #CerebralPalsy who is a full time #wheelchair user I am often frustrated that its so difficult to find items of clothing that would make dressing and undressing her so much easier at the same time as being on trend.

I was really excited to read that more and more top end designers are getting into the market of making ‘adaptive’ clothing; I was aware of the recent range by Tommy Hilfiger however was totally unaware of the ranges that have been designed by Canadian designer Izzy Camileri who had her own collection as early as 2009 with the ‘IZ Collection’ which was "a revolutionary and completely unique brand of clothing, designed around a seated frame, to provide a superior choice for wheelchair users.

IZ Collection pioneered the way for adaptive clothing and pushed boundaries within the fashion world, making the world more accessible, not just through clothing, but also through raising awareness around disability issues and raising the profile of models who use wheelchairs”; unfortunately this range was ’shut down’ in October ’16, the reasons stated were that the company couldn’t be financially sustained through such slow growth; such a shame!

My only thoughts are that anything linked to the world of ‘additional needs’ does struggle due to the small production runs and therefore there is always such a high price tag attached.


Though my limited research I have found that that there is some hope as Izzy Camilleri is relaunching her range of ‘adaptive’ clothing; this time under the name of ‘IZ Adaptive’ which will relaunch in September ’18. Camilleri has focused on refreshing the business model, which will have a broader product offering, more accessible price point, and new wholesale component – all contributing to an increased global reach; its also interesting to read that inclusive design has gained mainstream interest with brands such as #TommyHilfiger, #Target, #Nike and #UnderArmour, recently introducing adaptive collections. It will be interesting to see if this range will be available in the UK?

I’m excited to see that Tommy Hilfiger are increasing their ranges of ‘Adaptive’ Clothing to include the first Children’s range in ’16 with an increased range in April this year including features/innovations such as magnetic buttons, adjustable hems (to open larger at the leg), easy-open necklines, adjustable waists and one-handed zips.

Already available in the US, the range will go on sale to UK shoppers in 2019.

All of the above is great; we still lack the interest from High Street Retailers in the UK to support the 13.9 million people in this country that need help with adjustments to their clothing; these garments/shoes need to be accessible to all at reasonable pricing; I will certainly be happy to support any designers/Retailers if they need any advice as to what is required.

I know that I’m one of many Mothers that face challenge on a daily basis … how can we help lobby the fashion industry to help … I’m up for the battle … are you??

Fiona Greenhow

Instagram: tenacious_mummy

Twitter: @tenacious_mummy

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