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mercedes cast zebedee model as lead

#MercedesBenz sensational new film short features Zebedee Model Marleen as the lead. Beautifully filmed by world class director Niclas Larsson, and produced Iconoclast in the stunning Austrian landscape, our hero proves that strength comes from within. The casting by Des Hamilton is perfection as Marleen is an #amputee and has scars. Her performance is honest and tender, and she takes you on this incredible journey of determination and strength. Tissues at the ready!

#inthelongrun #gle #mercedesbenz

"True strength comes from within – an attitude that drives both the new Mercedes-Benz #GLE (2018) and a strong woman. One of her biggest dreams: master a #triathlon. And the GLE is her daily companion"

"For me this was an incredible experience. I got to flip the negative into a positive. I have been fighting for years to make the most out of all that has happened to me. Days of almost loosing my life, weeks of coma, months of hospital, years of struggle and pain. This for me is FULL CIRCLE. I am so grateful for this journey. Its ok to be different. We all are in the end. And we have to find a way to accept our imperfections.


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Mercedes Benz, In The Long Run.

This just shows just how incredibly talented our amazing team at #zebedeemanagement are. We really do have world class talent on our books.

We are just a little bit (a lot) proud.

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