• Zoe Protor


Our models have graced the pages of some wonderfully high profile publications recently.

First up, we've had a glorious cover on Grazia, the last name in weekly women's interest magazines. Our very own Nancy and Monique feature prominently on their cover highlighting the differently abled, and the inclusion thereof in the fashion industry. The accompanying piece can be read here.

Next up, Vanity Fair Italy saw fit to do a piece on us, and the invaluable work we do in the representation of differently abled models. You can read it here, if you are gifted in the Italian tongue, but Google Translate does an admirable job of catering to the more monolingual among us. Thankfully.

Vanity Fair used images from the Kintsugi shoot by Murat Ozkasim, featuring Kathleen (above), Chantelle, Ellie, Nancy (again), Cara, Monique, Georgina, Lisa, Sophie, Shani, Katy, Jade, and Amy.

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique of fixing broken pottery with an ostentiatious lacquer, highlighting the cracks in order to treat an object's breakages as part of its history, rather than something to be hidden. The philosophical parallels between that ideology and Zebedee's mission statement are manifest.

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