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Limb difference awareness

In April we organised a shoot day for our models who have limb differences.

The day was to celebrate each others differences, to bring together our models who have similar experiences for our #limbdifference awareness campaign.

The results are pretty spectacular, photography by Elise Dumontet.

These are our inspirational Zebedee Kids.

limb difference, amputee, child model, body confidence,

The Girls:

limb difference, amputee, body confidence, child models, teen models, double amputee
Kelsey, Kiryn, Daisy, Neisha


Kiryn was born with an atypical cleft hand on the left. So she likes to challenge herself doing things normally requiring both hands.


We found out at my 20 week scan that Neisha was missing her lower right leg. Just as we were coming to terms with the news, a week and a half later, my waters broke and I was taken into hospital for an 'imminent miscarriage'. Thankfully, despite a couple of delayed labours, Neisha hung on until 27 weeks gestation and was born weighing 2lb 1oz. She was a very poorly little girl. At one point her weight dropped to 1lb 15oz. She struggled to breathe on her own and was ventilated for a few weeks. When medical staff tried to step down her breathing support Neisha struggled and we were told we were getting to the piint were nothing else could be done. Infection after infection, veins that collapsed due to so many cannulas, slow weight gain and endless worry the intensive care journey was a rocky ride but she defied the odds and came home 12 weeks later weighing 6.5 pounds. 

At 8 months she received her first prosthetic. She was still so small the foot had to be ordered from America and still filed fown to be the right size. She finally walked at 18 months old and has gone from strength to strength. She has struggled, physically and mentally. She has had numerous operations to revise her stump as the bone keeps growing and causing pain. She has smiled because she is special and cried because she is different. She is loving, kind and touches the lives of everyone she meets. She never has a bad word to say about anyone, is fiercely loyal and will not hear anyone being called or made to feel upset. She constantly thinks of others and wants to help wherever she can. She is strong and determined, yet humble and gracious. 

Last year she started attending Hartlepool Hawks Cheerleading Academy. Since then her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds (excuse the pun). She is in seven teams including cheer, pom, stunting, paracheer and dance at national and European level. She, and her team mates, have done amazingly well this season winning numerous competitions and qualifying for the European Cheerleading Championships in Germany in July. 

She is determined to show that having a disability doesn't have to stop you achieving your dreams. At every competition someone has approached her to tell her how inspirational she is yet to her she's just doing the same as everyone else who is there. 

Being in front of the camera is new for Neisha but she has approached this as she does everything else, by giving it her all and making us proud. We really can't wait to see what adventures this little lady has ahead of her.


My limb difference makes me unique, why fit in when you can stand out! 


Daisy-May is a double amputee who came back fighting from a wheelchair to cartwheeling down the catwalk. She inspires many people around the world on her Instagram page doing gymnastics and circus training showing people what’s possible with hard work and a smile. She’s been modelling for just over a year with zebedee management working for big high street stores and will be walking on New York fashion week in September.

The boys:


Was born with a limb difference.

"Oakley has amazed us since the day he was born, watching him adapt so effortlessly to any task you’d think he might struggle with has been fascinating. He is a content, capable and confident boy, who refuses to be held back in life, we are so excited for what his future will hold.’


“ George lights up every room he walks in to with his beaming smile and undeniable positivity and confidence, proving he is not defined by his disability. He often shows those who doubt his abilities that there is nothing he can’t do. He gets tired more quickly than other children, and sometimes has to find his own way of doing things but that doesn’t stop him putting 100% effort into everything he does. His prosthetist works hard to make sure George’s prosthetic legs can keep up with the expectations of a very active little boy. We are so grateful the NHS is able to meet the needs of children like George in England, making amputation a good option for children with congenital lower limb abnormalities"


April is Limb Difference Awareness Month and it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on my journey so far of being a Mummy to my amazing boy. 

Albie has symbrachydactyly, this is a non-genetic congenital abnormality and effects his right hand. We found out at my 20 week scan that Albie would be missing his right hand and I will never forget that horrible, sinking feeling I got when we were told. I got so caught up in all the worries about how he would function in life with not having a right hand. I panicked about how people would treat him because of his difference, it was really tough. 

And fast forward to now with Albie being nearly 2 and I can strongly say that my fears, my worries and those tears were all for nothing! My boy is nothing short of incredible, he is thriving, he has met all his milestones and does EVERYTHING that all the other children can do! He’s so clever and innovative. He is the best big brother. Nothing stops him now and won’t in the future. 

Nobody really takes any notice of his hand. What they see first is that big smile.

Thank you for all you’ve taught me my precious boy. You inspire me everyday, make my heart overflow with love and remind me (and others) that being who you are and being proud of it is so important. 

We are all different and that is something to be celebrated, so let’s keep doing that!

Out of our awesome 300 talents, from 0 to 70yrs, all abilities, all ages, all races and gender, we are immensely proud to represent 15 children, 8 men and 13 women who are celebrating #LimbDifferenceAwarenessMonth this year, of which 20 are featured in our awareness campaign.

What we are saying is that if you’re guilty of lack of representation in your field, then it might just prove to be your biggest Achille’s heel. However, it’s not too late to make amend just because you have got off the wrong foot…. and we know for a fact you’re not risking life and limb with

inclusion anymore, on the contrary!



Elise Dumontet @elisedumontetphotography @skinwereinproject


Brian Whar

Make Up:

Neusa Neves @neusa_nevesloves_mkup

Charlie Duffy @charlieduffymakeup


Andrew Gregory @tattoo_pole_boy


Rob Eden @rob_eden_29

Women's underwear: Figlaves @figleavesofficial


Zoe Proctor @zebedee_management

At Zebedee Management, we know we are sitting on the shoulders of giants!

That’s why we ventured out on a very lonely and dodgy limb when we started 2 years ago. Truth be known, we haven’t put our feet up since, we’ve had our hands so full, but it’s a long and winding road to prove that beauty is not one-dimensional but on every hand.

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