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Earth Day '21: Zebedee x myenergi

For Earth Day 2021 Zebedee have partnered with myenergi to bring you a sustainable shoot in conjunction with #TheGreenReset. myenergi have provided suggestions on how everyone can get involved to make small positive changes that impact our day to day lives for the better. Ideas range from signing petitions, clothing waste, sustainable swaps and reducing our wasteful ways for environmentally friendly alternatives. The inspiration for #TheGreenReset came from the official theme for Earth Day 2021, Restore Our Earth™, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. In this way, the theme rejects the notion that mitigation or adaptation are the only ways to address climate change. It is up to each and every one of us to Restore Our Earth not just because we care about the natural world, but because we live on it. We all need a healthy Earth to support our jobs, livelihoods, health & survival, and happiness. A healthy planet is not an option — it is a necessity. ( )

You can find #TheGreenReset at here:

After such a hard year, Zebedee wanted to celebrate Earth Day 2021 with myenergi by using sustainable pieces in a beautiful fashion shoot in the Peak District. We are proud to show our models wearing clothes designed using sustainable methods and recycling, making and celebrating efforts to Restore Our Earth™ and take part in #TheGreenReset. The location at the foot of Stanage Edge made for an awe inspiring atmosphere for us to showcase our efforts.

“We take and we take, but we don’t give back,
Leading our world down a devastating track,
We watch as our natural resources deplete,
While we shop till we drop for things we don’t really need,
Putting pressure on supply chains and making them sweat,
While we cuddle up on our sofas surfing the net,
Demanding more and more and wanting it faster,
We are driving our world into a mass consumption disaster.”

Sustainable fashion does not have to be high ticketed items but can just be simply cutting back on consumption; exploring and revisiting garments already within your own home. The most sustainable wardrobe is a durable one. Zebedee asked our models what sustainability meant to them:

Sophie Shine:

What sustainability means to me:

There are so many ways to answer this, sustainability means something different to everyone. For me it's about the planet, we have no planet B so its important to protect the one we have.

A few of the key things for me are;

To preserve and protect our oceans and life below water. Living on the east coast I like to take advantage of early morning beach walks where I'll find as much stuff as possible that have either been washed up from the tide or left behind from visitors the day before.

Commitment to social, environmental and ethical standards, making sure people are working in appropriate conditions and are being treated fairly and equally. Particularly factory workers.

Slow fashion, this could be upcycling clothing, buying from charity shops, Depop or having hand me downs. New clothing is bought from sustainable companies, only a couple times a year in bulk orders, rather than little and often. Any pieces of clothes that are no longer wanted, either get gifted or taken to clothes banks. Slow fashion is more simple than it sounds, it's just about making more conscious decisions.

Everyday I think about what I do, how it impacts the planet, how I can be more sustainable. Like a lot of other people, I recycle, try and reduce the amount of plastic daily. I love the outdoors so walking and cycling I really enjoy, it reduces my carbon footprint and gives me the opportunity to pick up litter.

I have solar panels on my home and my electricity company uses 100% renewable energy. I use a compost bin which reduces methane emissions from landfills and reduces food waste which I then reuse in the garden.

My dreadlocks are a big part of me, they also help reduce water usage as they only need washing once a week. I only use natural shampoo bars so this also reduces product waste and plastic usage.

I believe that everyone lives a sustainable lifestyle already, to a point, alot of us without even knowing or acknowledging it, as more brands become sustainable. If we all just push together now, and continue to love our planet, the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Emily Brame:

Sustainability for me means that if we want to keep our amazing world we need to work with it and allow it to flourish and not to suffocate. Everyone can do their bit and take responsibility. I love my fizzy water maker… no plastic bottles anymore…. Often I will take the scissors to my brother's unwanted clothes and turn them into something for me. Earth day is a wake up call and has personally refocused my energy to be more aware and thoughtful around this,

Jasmine Curtis:

Sustainable fashion is about finding a balance when designing, manufacturing, and consuming clothes. It means avoiding the depletion of natural resources, but also the exploitation of individuals and communities. Sustainable fashion leaves minimal impact on the environment. Every item of clothing that we wear carries an environmental footprint. We can all do our bit towards sustainable fashion by choosing consciously when we buy or even reusing what you have and making it last longer.


Photographer Jon Dennis S6 Photography @S6photography

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Production team @zebedeetalent

Stylists @dominicbrowningtextiles & @sophie.powels

Kennedy Parkin @kennedyparkin

O1: Square dress shirt by Dr Philippa Jackson @philippa_peggy_jackson

O2: Olive Dungarees by Lucy and Yak @lucyandyak

O3: Dress Style Kimono in Duck Egg by Shibumi @Shibumistyle

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Rachelle Anderson @stylesbystephensons

O1: Embellished Knit Jumper by Dominic Browning @dominicbrowningtextiles

Dark Blue Jeans by Pippins Denim @pippinsdenim

O2: 70’s Vintage Dress from @sophie.powels

O3: Wool Knitted Cardigan from Zoe Proctor

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Chloe Coburn @charcobes

O1: Deconstructed Patch-work Denim Jacket by Just Harry @Justharrydesigns

Second-hand patch-work jeans from @dominicbrowningtextiles

O2: Prairie Silk Midi Dress by Pink Lemons Boutique @pinklemonsboutique

O3: Flower T-shirt and Orange Dungarees by Lucy and yak @lucyandyak

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Sophie Shine @sophieatypicalzbd

O1: Floral Tay Boiler Suit by Lucy and Yak @lucyandyak

O2: Wool Blanket Stitched Jumper by Dominic Browning @dominicbrowningtextiles

O3: Breaking Down Barriers by Ellen Price @_priceofficial

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Jasmine Curtis - No social media

O1: Opaline Gown in Venetian Red by Shibumi @Shibumistyle

O2: Block Print Kaftan by Pink Lemon Boutique @pinklemonsboutique

Leather Jacket provided by Jasmine Curtis

O3: Deconstructed Shirt by Leeds Beckett University @leedsbeckettfashion

O4: Navy Sailor Dungarees by Lucy and Yak @lucyandyak

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

Emily Brame @emilybramexx

O1: Deconstructed Patch-work Denim Jacket, Deconstructed Patch-work Denim Jeans, Deconstructed Patch-work Denim Boobtube by Just Harry @justharrydesigns

O2: Prairie Maxi Dress by Pink Lemons Boutique @pinklemonsboutique

O3: Peyton Print Boilersuit by Lucy and Yak @lucyandyak

O4: Pink gingham shirt by Pink Lemons Boutique @pinklemonsboutique

Dark Blue Jeans by Pippins Denim @pippinsdenim

Jewellery by Elizabeth Terzza Jewellery @elizabethterzza

Hair and Makeup by Leanne Shaw @leanneshawmakeup

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