• Zoe Protor

Deaf Awareness Week

Updated: May 17, 2018

Meet Sanitago, our 7 year old child model. Sani has moderate hearing loss in both ears.

Santi: When i got my two Special Ears (hearing aids) and went to school, a lot of my friends and other people starred at me. It made me feel uncomfortable as they were new for me too, i told my mum i didnt want to wear them but she then said what about if we decorate them to show them off? We started off with superheroes and then made loads more; i felt happy that my friend wanted them too. Now i am very proud of my Special Ears and want other children to feel as good as me now! We now decorate hundred of hearing aids for children all over the world!

I still want to tell people the importance of hearing loss especially tips on how to communicate with us. My best tip is not to give up when talking to me if i ask you to repeat yourself.


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