Our models, actors & performers can achieve anything they want.

We hold regular workshops to meet our artists, get to know them, understand their strengths and abilities, and help them develop their skills and build confidence in modelling, performing arts, dance and acting.

We also offer support and guidance to artists outside of their bookings, and can help with advice on working disability and other benefits.

Getting to know & understand

They’re amazingly talented and take on any challenge or opportunity that they’re offered – but they may need a little extra help from time to time. And that’s where our inclusive agency and unique approach make such a big difference.

Support & guidance

Working with those who have disabilities means we have a responsibility to them beyond their bookings. We take extra time to work closely with clients, artists, parents, carers and service providers to build a transparent, trusting relationship and to manage the expectations of everyone involved. 

We're no strangers to working with young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs.


Laura is a qualified social worker and has been working with vulnerable children and adults with a variety of needs for 10 years.


Zoe, a qualified further education teacher, specialises in teaching performing arts to people with disabilities and continues to run performing arts classes to young adults with disabilities. Zoe has worked as a model herself for over 20 years. We both also have children who model.


The initial idea for Zebedee Management was formed whilst we were taking our dogs for a walk together.


We were talking about opportunities (or lack of) for the performing arts students that Zoe teaches. And it was just a lightbulb moment of  - If no one is out there willing to represent people with disabilities or differences, then why don't we do it?!


Importantly, disability has often been left out of the diversity debate, and we often receive casting calls looking for 'diversity', but with no mention of disability. Disability seems to be the last taboo - however we want to change this. We want it to be the norm that advertising using people with disabilities becomes commonplace.


We hope that the work that Zebedee, its models and the brands we work with, will impact on the wider society in terms of changing attitudes and developing people’s understanding of disability and difference. We are optimistic that this will make for a more caring society, and a nicer place for us all to live.

Our experience

Zoe (left) & Laura (right)

For booking enquiries please fill out our contact form or send us an email to zebedeemanagement@gmail.com. For information and enquiries about becoming a model, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you.
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