Celia has a lot going on. Alongside a law degree, she holds several qualifications in consultancy and coaching. She has a passion for 60s/70s/80s music, collecting vinyl avidly, and also plays the electric violin. 
Celia was a rower for her university and county, and also likes horse riding, netball, lacrosse, hockey, yoga, and Pilates. And along with being a keen cook, she has cocktail training. 
Celia was Young Fashion Designer UK finalist for two consecutive years, and is also an active human rights campaigner. 
Celia has Loeys-Dietz Sundrome, incorporating Marfans Syndrome, POTS, a heart vave defect, scoliosis, arthritis, a seizure disorder, and osteoporosis. 

Age: 21

Height: 184cm

Clothes size: 6-8

Shoe Size: 8

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Brown

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