Caitlyn is a gorgeous teenager with bags of style, who loves to travel. She has a stammer which eases when she is relaxed and has a soft Scottish accent. 

Caitlyn currently studies music at College and is a beautiful singer. She enjoys listening to and is influenced by 50s and 60s music. 

Caitlyn has Cerebral Palsy and is a full time wheelchair user. She goes between her active manual chair and powered chair and can transfer easily from both. 

Caitlyn is ambassador for Whizzkidz and is passionate about disabled rights. As well as modelling, Caitlyn has lots experience on the catwalk, taking part in various awareness campaigns and charity events.

Images 1-2 ©Rosalind Main

Images 3-6 ©Martin Clark

Images 7-8 ©Amy Whitney Scholes (images) and Alison Black (clothing)

Images 9-14 ©Nikita Raja @Seventy7

Image 15 ©Liqiao Zhu
Images 16-17 ©Murat Ozkasim
Images 18-22 ©Aaron Cheeseman
Age: 19

Clothes size: 6/8

Shoe Size: 2

Bust: 34A/32B

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

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