Madeline loves reading and enjoys her weekly swimming and tennis lessons. She is very sociable and has a very cheeky laugh. Madeline was born a twin at 27 weeks and has hip subluxation and mild cerebral palsy.

Age: 5
Height: 110cm
Clothes size: 5yrs
Shoe Size: size 11 with and without splints.
Eye colour: Mixed
Hair colour: Light/Mid Brown


Amelia is very girly, she loves her make up brushes and dressing up. She enjoys swimming, horse riding and tennis and just loves being outside and running around. She always lights up the room and comes out with the funniest things. Amelia has Spastic Diplegoa Cerebral Palsy and walks independently but wears splints to support her and uses her wheel chair for days out or long distances. 

Age: 5
Height: 105cm
Clothes size: 4/5 yrs
Shoe Size: 9.5
Eye colour: Blue-Grey
Hair colour: Light/Mid Brown

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